Saturday, February 2, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1) by Simone Elkeles

It took me an entire year to be convinced to read Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles but I am now a certified Simone fan. Honestly, I feel awful that I didn't get to read this earlier. Anyway, I actually finished this and Rules of Attraction in one day. So yeah, that made me lose sleep. It is told in dual POV's, Alex and Brittany's.

First of all, we have Brittany Ellis. She's "Little Miss Perfect| (Well, at least she pretends to be.) and everyone wants her or simply be her. She has the typical jock boyfriend who is an ass a lot of times and a home life that's far from perfect. Anyway, she's always managed to keep her guard up. She has always been able to maintain her facade until Alex Fuentes enters the picture. Honestly, I actually pitied her for having to pretend all the time. It's pretty exhausting and it will one day catch up with her. I really admired her for her love for her sister, Shelley though. I can't imagine sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of your loved one like that.

Then there's Alejandro "Alex" Fuentes. I never knew how sexy Latinos can be (I must admit that they've always been intriguing to me.) until I met Alex. *fans self because he's just too hot to handle* I really, really, really love the bad boy persona that he is projecting. He's dangerous and totally bad-ass. And as some of you might know, I have a thing for bad boys so yeah, he's pretty much up there in my Top Book Boyfriends. I really enjoying getting to know him despite his flaws and the fact that he values his family enough to give up everything is really admirable. The guy just made me want to take long cold showers since he is simply too hot to handle. Haha.

Obviously, I enjoyed reading this a lot since I managed to finish this and its sequel in one day. And yes, I didn't get enough sleep because of it. I loved Alex and Brittany's scenes together. They weren't the typical lovey-dovey couple that you'd just love to hate. The steamy scenes were awesome as well. I do love the fact that Simone Elkeles did not write this with the insta-love concept in mind. The development of their relationship was written beautifully and I just can't help but feel so happy for the both of them. This definitely deserves a 5/5 star rating from me.

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