Thursday, December 22, 2011


Moving on to the City Of Ashes since again I was too lazy to write a decent review even though I enjoyed reading this series a lot. I have to give this novel its due credit and it does not deserve a crappy review like the bulk review that I posted a few days ago. So here it goes.

The story starts with Valentine in action in Metropole, Manhattan. And when I say action it means he’s doing something evil again. haha. And you’ll have to read the novel to actually know why he did whatever it is that he’s been doing in the last couple of days. Anyway, moving on to the other characters, I didn’t like Jace as much as I liked him in the first novel. He became self-destructive in this second installment because of “Valentine’s revelation” regarding his family background. No, I will not write “Valentine’s revelation” here since it will spoil the story. You have to read it if you want to know what it is. haha. *evil laugh* At least the sarcasm is still a part of his personality which is what I like about him.

Anyway, moving on to Clary, I did not like her here. I didn’t like the way she treated Simon and Jace. Yeah, Jace was a little bit mean and a little more self-absorbed than he usually is but she didn’t have to treat him the way she did. I think Clary could’ve handled things better. And as for Simon, he deserves better. He should never be a substitute. Bottom line is I didn’t like Clary here but not to the point of hatred though. haha. Plus, there was a part in the novel wherein I wanted to hit Clary or something for being so stupid. I still like Izzy/ Isabelle more than I like her. haha.

And as for Alec, Alec will be Alec and I can’t help but liking him more here. He was given more screen/ page time in this second installment which I actually like. I like the way he takes care of his little sister Izzy. Plus the fact that he is the most level- headed among the trio.

As always, Cassandra Clare did not fail to make me like this novel. She made Clary lovable for me even though I did not exactly like her. There were also times when I just wanted to give Jace a hug or something. Plus, the way she describes their world in pen and paper is simply amazing. Anyway, I’m giving this a 4/5 star rating again. :)


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