Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I just finished reading The Ghost And The Goth by Stacey Kade for the second time yesterday and I guess it’s time to make a decent review about it. It’s about a ghost who used to be little miss popular Alona Dare and ghost seeing social outcast Will Killian.

I know, very typical  but my introduction does not really give this novel any justice neither does the plot from I didn’t really have high expectations the first time I read it which is probably why I enjoyed it that much. It actually reminds me of the 1995 film, Casper, with their roles reversed. It had the cliche two main characters hate each other but then end up falling in love with each other anyway thing but Ms. Kade was able to pull it off. I actually enjoyed this novel a lot. Stacey Kade made the seemingly annoying Alona very lovable. She was the typical mean girl whom you’d love to hate but instead of hating her I actually loved her. She didn’t irritate me in any way. And Will, I just love Will. I don’t know I guess I just have this thing for social outcasts. I loved Will from the very start. He’s just so endearing and I love him. Haha. Oh yes, I’ve been saying “LOVE” a lot in this review because I LOVED IT that much. I love the development of their love story too. It wasn’t too cheesy and corny, it was actually adorable and fun to read.
It’s a light and fun read and I wouldn’t mind reading it again. I just love Alona and Will. And yeah, as some of you might have noticed if you’ve been reading my reviews, I’m not really a fan of female characters since they tend to be annoyng whiny bitches at some point in the story. But Alona is different, I adored her from the very start up to the very end of the novel. I like Stacey Kade’s style. Every page is like watching a movie and you just can’t help but flip through it up to the very end. There are no blah moments on every page. I just finished reading the second book Queen Of The Dead a few minutes ago and I can’t wait for the third book Body & Soul to come out.

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