Friday, March 2, 2012


I finished reading Forbidden by mother and son tandem, Syrie and Ryan James. The novel is about Claire and Alec, who are both different in their own ways. I don’t want to mention why because I might spoil the story for future readers.

Claire and her mom are constantly on the move because her mom believes that she’s constantly in danger and she’s kinda’ paranoid about it. Although, her paranoia actually has a basis. haha. Anyway, the story is told in alternating POV’s, Claire’s and Alec’s.
I liked Claire a lot. She’s a girl who just wants to be normal but somehow she feels like she does not actually fit in anywhere even if she has two best friends. Claire did not annoy me at all BTW. I’ve been constantly reading YA novels without the annoying heroines and I like it. She’s not exactly a tough chic or anything but somehow the authors made it work. She’s definitely not annoying as hell and I like the fact that she does not make all her friends and Alec do all the work just like *coughs* some other female heroines that I’ll refuse to name. haha. I hate it when female characters become dead weight. Plus, her best friends are just adorbs. I like the fact that they support Claire with whatever it is that she’s going through.

And then there’s Alec. Alec who makes me swoon. Alec, the sexy soldier/ warrior whatever. I don’t exactly know what to call him without giving his identity away. haha. He’s sexy. Period. Anyway, I loved Alec from the get -go. Plus, the Scottish accent is just to die for. haha. I know, I didn’t exactly hear it but I can only imagine how sexy he sounds with that accent. I like Alec not just because he’s sexy or whatnot. I like the fact that he is constantly protecting Claire, her friends and her family while trying to hide what he really is and constantly breaking the rules that he has lived by for so long. I loved the part wherein he’s trying to act all mundane and everything. Can you believe it? A guy who does not eat junk food? I found that really funny.

I enjoyed reading this novel. I think the trying-to-act-normal-thing is cliche but somehow it worked in this novel. There was a possibility of a love triangle but I like the fact that Claire did not just run into the other guy’s (Neil) arms whenever she had the chance. I actually liked the writing style. The fact that it was written by two people without making it pretty obvious is just amazing. And the fact that they made the readers guess what these two were up until the middle of the novel made me want to read it even more. I’m not really sure if it’s gonna be a series or whatever but I think the authors gave it a nice closure with endless possibilities. They wrote it in a way that left it with enough loose ends to make it a series but still enough closure to make it a stand alone. Confusing? I know. Just read it so that you’ll understand what I mean. Anyway, I’d give this a 5/5 star rating.

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