Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Another Abbi Glines novel that made me love her more. Because of Low is the second book from Ms. Glines’ Sea Breeze series. And it centers around the lives of Marcus Hardy, the unrequited lover of Sadie from Breathe,and Willow.

I was actually expecting a lot from this book since I fell in love with the Marcus Hardy in the first novel.Well, not as much as I loved Jax but you get the picture.I loved all of the characters from Breathe and I did believe that Marcus had his own story to tell. I loved Marcus from the get -go. He certainly deserves to fall in love and be happy. This novel made me love him even more as a person. His charms were definitely irresistible. But for me, I think his most lovable trait is his love for his family. His family is a mess and that’s the reason why he came back after his heartbreak in the first place. Anyhoo, I loved Marcus a lot and I’m kinda leaning towards him at this point.haha.Jax still rocks my world though.

And of course, there’s Willow, Low for short, I really wanted to love her as much as I loved Sadie in the first book. I have mixed feelings regarding this character. I tried to love her as much as Sadie but I just couldn’t. I think she was selfish at times. I think she took advantage of Cage’s(He is Marcus’ roommate and Low’s childhood best friend, btw.)”feelings” for her. There were times when I simply found her too selfish for her own good. I mean I get it you’re a broken girl blah blah blah, she had a lot of fears and everything but she simply could not stand on her own two feet. And she would always run into Cage’s arms whenever she had problems with anything. I just couldn’t like her that much. She could not even decide anything on her own. Like there was this part there when she wanted Cage to “release” her whatever but when she opened his fridge and found out that her drinks weren’t available at once she suddenly freaked out which I believe is contradictory to whatever it is that she wanted to happen. I don’t hate her or anything though, I simply couldn’t love her as much as Sadie. Anyhoo, I think she was able to redeem herself in the end. She grew up and I think that’s good enough for me.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed reading this book but not as much as I enjoyed Breathe. There were times when I simply couldn’t stand Low but in the end I think she grew up and developed her own backbone. I fell in love with Marcus in this book though. And I think Amanda, his sister, is a very adorable character. I also liked the fact that Sadie and Jax did cameos of some sort. Haha. Cameos?? It’s not even a movie. Anyway, I loved this book. Abbi Glines is one of those authors that I simply love. Her writing style makes everything so easy to read. I’m giving this a 4/5 star rating though since Low annoyed me at times. I can’t wait for the third book which will tell us more about Cage. :)

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