Saturday, February 11, 2012


Finished reading Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James a few hours ago and again, it left me speechless. It’s the second book from the Fifty Shades trilogy. I liked this novel as much as I liked the first one.And again, I have no idea how to start this review. The story takes off a few days after the break- up of Ana Steele and Christian Grey from the first book.

I honestly loved this book because I think this book is just so full of love. And lust, of course. haha. Anyway, Ana annoyed me in some ways because of her insecurities. For the love of God, Mr. Grey already said that he loves her and yet she still can’t let go of his past. He already admitted that he had “needs” and that he was willing to let it all go just for her. And yet she just can’t get over her own personal demons namely her insecurities and irrational jealousy. I know she’s crazy about him but come on getting jealous over an emotionally and mentally unstable person? I did like her in the last parts of the novel though. The martini throwing scene is my favorite. haha. I think she grew a bit of backbone during that part.

And of course there is Mr. Sex-On-Legs, Christian Grey. Let me just get this out before I hyperventilate: HE’S JUST SOOOOOOOO HOT! He made me swoon and lust (LUST being the operative word. haha.) after him in this novel. Damn! Who would have thought that Mr. Grey himself had a soft streak in him? He just wants to be loved. And boy, is he loved. I loved his family even more here. Especially, his mom, Grace. I  love the way she acts all stiff and formal on regular days and warm and ferocious when it comes to defending her son. Another one of my favorite scenes from the book is the family scene in Mr. Grey’s apartment. Mr. Grey somehow seemed more vulnerable and more human to me. I love how he showed his affection towards his family. That was probably the most touching scene for me.

The sex/ love scenes were epic as always but I somehow missed the Red Room of Pain in this book. haha. Although, I did love the sex scenes more in this novel because I felt like everything was done out of love and not just lust. I think there are just times when all a girl needs is love. I think this book was well- written. Not too fast paced and not too slow either. The Red Room Of Pain  scene was just so provocative it actually made me linger a little longer on the pages. I also love the proposal scene. Damn! Mr. Grey really is a jack of all trades. Erotic and romantic all rolled into one. It kinda makes me want to find my own Fifty. I still wouldn’t recommend this to the younger audience though. Teen hormones are simply the worst and as I think I’ve mentioned in my previous review there are some scenes  that are just too provocative and I don’t want to contribute to the increase in teenage pregnancy. I’d give this another 5/5 star rating even if Ana annoyed me in some parts of the story. I just love Christian Grey.

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