Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It has been a week since I last posted a review. Sorry about that a lot of things came up and I just could not finish Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr in time. Anyhoo, Radiant Shadows is another filler from the Wicked Lovely series. The novel’s main characters are Devlin, Rae, a dreamwalker and Ani, a halfling and daughter of the Gabriel.

I was actually hesitant at first since it’s not actually the continuation of the third book. But truth be told I actually found myself immersed in this book completely. The first few pages were kinda slow for me but as I continued reading I actually found myself breezing through it. I love Devlin and Ani. I don’t know why but I actually found myself feeling giddy in every scene that they were in together. haha. I love these two with their love/ lust. haha.

The female protagonist is Ani, she is the daughter of Gabriel of the Hunt and sister to Tish and Rabbit. She’s a half-faerie and half- mortal like her sister and brother but she’s also different in some ways. She was mentioned in the first few books of the series. I honestly didn’t bother getting to know her the first time she was mentioned until I found out that she is actually the main character in the fourth book. I love her character. She’s feisty and honest and she’s not a typical dumb and helpless heroine in most YA novels. I think she’s a good match for Devlin who is a complicated character for me. haha.

Then there’s Rae, the dreamwalker. Truth be told, I never really connected that much with this character but I don’t dislike her. I actually pity her for being stuck in Faerie without a physical body. What am I saying? She actually gets to enter Devlin’s body any time she wants too. haha. 

And of course, there’s Devlin. Devlin is an assassin of the High Court and brother to Sorcha and Bananach. He’s a combination of both Order and Chaos. He’s torn between serving his queen and protecting the love of his life. Anyway, I like the complexity of this character. And again, since he is another one of those bad boys I find him sexy. haha. I find myself smiling whenever he’s with Ani. I just wish he’s also in the last book. *hoping*

I honestly liked this book even if it was a little slow in the first few pages. I truly love Ani and Devlin even Iri and Niall were absolutely adorbs. haha. I find the two Dark Kings so cute together. haha. I cried when Bananach did something that she shouldn’t have. Err. I seriously hate Bananach right now. And I loved it when Niall finally showed a part of his “Dark King Persona”. Ugh! I’m in love with Niall again! Overall, I’d give this book a 4/5 star rating. I love the way this was written. The complexity of each character stimulated my brain to actually think. Yes, I’ve been feeling a little dumb lately and I somehow needed a stimulant for my brain and this book did it for me. haha. I just can’t wait to read Darkest Mercy.

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