Saturday, February 25, 2012


Cloaked by Alex Flinn is a mash up of different fairy tales. And I was finally able to get a paperback copy of the book while looking for Bewitching by the same author a few days ago. The story’s hero is called Johnny who owns a shoe repair shop and his best friend Meg. Yes, there was a prince and princess involved as well.

I was actually very excited to read this novel since I enjoyed reading Ms. Flinn’s Beastly and A Kiss In Time. The story is told in Johnny’s perspective. I actually liked Johnny since he’s quite different from most of the characters from modern day fairy tales . He did have a hidden agenda when he accepted his quest from Princess Victoriana. Anyway, with that said I still think he’s an adorable character who is difficult to hate.

Then there’s Meg, Johnny’s best friend. I wasn’t that keen on this character to be perfectly honest so I can be quite biased. I didn’t like her that much. It’s not that she’s annoying or whatever she’s just someone I can’t really relate to. haha. I was actually rooting for Princess Victoriana. She’s really adorable. French accent and all.

Anyway, I think Cloaked is a nice novel and I’d probably include it in my top 3 Alex Flinn novels. A Kiss In Time is my number one by the way. I really liked reading about Johnny’s adventures and misadventures. My only problem with the story would probably be the ending. haha. I wasn’t to keen on that one because I was rooting for another pairing. And the cover is gorgeous don’t you think? I’m actually planning to buy Beastly again since they changed the cover into something like this one as well. I’m a sucker from pretty female covers. And no, I am not a lesbian. I just like girls on books as much as I like hot men on them. But overall I did enjoy reading this novel. I’d give this a 4/5 star rating though.

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