Saturday, March 9, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce has been on my TBR list because a friend of mine, Jona, one day mentioned a book written by the same author. Naturally, I decided to check her out and found this and thought it was interesting. I didn't really buy this one since I wanted to check her Fairytale Retellings Series first but for some reason I always get sidetracked by other books. Typical. So yeah, just got around to reading this now since Jona gave me a copy. Thanks Jona!

For some reason, Viola annoyed me. I wanted to like her. I really did but she annoyed me. I get that her ex-boyfriend dumped her but they remain good friends but for some reason I didn't get why she kept on blaming everyone around her because she feels invisible or that she doesn't belong with anyone. She keeps on blaming everyone but herself whenever something goes terribly wrong. I really believe in the saying that you should always take responsibility for your own actions but for some reason that sorta slipped from Viola's mind. Don't get me wrong though. The novel was definitely amazing and I love all of the characters (Well, except for Viola.) and the storyline  is unique. But seriously, Viola kinda' ticked me off.

I did like Jinn and Lawrence though. Jinn is a genie and Lawrence is Viola's ex-boyfriend/best friend. I liked them both. Jinn is just so dreamy and everything that's awesome. Haha. And Lawrence is just Lawrence. I really don't want to spoil anything so let's just keep it at that. Some or rather a lot of scenes made my heart go out to Jinn and for some reason made me want to just curl up next to him and give him a hug or something. Bottom line is I liked the two boys in Viola's life. They kept her grounded and in their own way made her realize how much she needed to do something about her life instead of just going through life blaming everything on her break up with Lawrence.

Overall, this was a short and quick read. I liked almost everything about it. It made me laugh and feel giddy from time to time. A lot of the characters were just so amazing. I really liked Ollie and Xander as well. Viola was jealous of Ollie (She wasn't a bitch or anything at all.) for  an unknown reason and Xander was someone you could consider a loner or something in a high school social ladder but for some reason everything worked out for everyone in the end. Anyway, the concept of Caliban and jinn is a unique topic for me since this is a first and I have to say that despite my annoyance towards the heroine I actually enjoyed myself. I read this in a day since it's really short but it was enjoyable. I'd definitely read more from the author in the future.

RATING: 3.75/5 stars

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