Saturday, March 16, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: The Goddess Inheritance (The Goddess Test #3) by Aimee Carter

I've had The Goddess Inheritance on pre-order since December and I finally got it about 2 days ago. And yes, I finished this a few hours before I decided to write my review. Anyway, I think this is probably the best book in the entire series. The story is told in Kate's POV and picks up nine months after the events from Goddess Interrupted took place.

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this series especially this book. I think this is my favorite  among the three plus The Goddess Legacy anthology. First of all, I really love Kate. My gods! I  can't imagine the hardships that she went through for the duration of her pregnancy and the fact that Calliope was such a bitch made me want to just take her away from everything. I really loved ho strong and grown up she seemed compared to the Kate in the second book. She was much more confident and believed in Henry which is quite a feat from the Kate in the second book. I think being a mother forced her to grow up  and I really, really loved her even more because of it. And the mystery regarding her biological father was somehow unexpected for me but in a good way.

Then there's Henry. I also liked Henry more in this novel. I really felt the love and strong connection between him and Kate. The events in the first few chapters made my heart skip a beat though and I almost cried or something but then I had to keep going so yeah, that was it. I'm just glad that things turned out the way they did. I think being a father did him good. He finally realized that it's about time to show his love for his wife and family. I just love Henry.

Overall, I really think this is the best way to conclude the series. I would miss these characters and the surprising deaths at the end simply stunned me for awhile. For some reason, I feel like there could be a possibility of a spin-off because of those deaths. I can dream, right? The appearance of some characters intrigued  me quite a bit. I really don't know what to feel about Cronus though. For some reason, I'm finding it difficult to hate him. I think he just needs a friend or  something. there were times that he tended to be a manipulative ass but then again there were times when he seemed a bit human or something. I think the appearance of Rhea gave the battle a bit of twist towards the end. I will surely miss these gods and goddesses even their pettiness. Hermes was lovable as always. Diana, the best mother for Kate even if she did have her misgivings. I can't even find myself hating Ava or Walter for their faults. I think this is one of the best books I've read this first  quarter of 2013. It was definitely a page turner. I finished this in one day after all. I think the ending was written beautifully but for some reason I still feel like that there is a possibility for a spin-off in the future.


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