Friday, March 8, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Return to Paradise (Leaving Paradise #2) by Simone Elkeles

I finally decided to make a review of Return to Paradise after 3 days I think. I finished reading this a few days ago and it got  me all mixed up. I was teary-eyed for quite some time and honestly I just needed the entire story to sink in. Gosh! Simone Elkeles is really awesome isn't she? How does she come up with these wonderful stories that really tear into out hearts?

First of all, I admire Maggie for growing up and becoming  more independent and less needy in this novel. She's one strong girl and I just admire her for that. She had a lot of growing up to do and I'm just glad that she finally learned how to stand up for herself and to actually fight for what she wants. I think the trip that reunited Caleb and Maggie is something that the two of them truly needed.

And as for Caleb. Hmm. Seriously, the guy is either unlucky or he just makes a lot of wrong choices. Anyway, he has an awesome heart. I think he needed Maggie to keep him grounded  most of the time. Maggie needed him in the first novel but he needed her more in this one. Everything just seemed so difficult for the both of them. The guy has a good heart. I guess he just feels like he can't really depend on anyone since his entire family was just so messed up. Anyway, I still think Caleb is such a dreamboat.

Overall, this is another one of Simone's awesome novels. Deym! She needs to write more. I just loved everything about this novel. The introduction of new characters were just so awesome and was much needed. I love the fact that Julio, who seemed so misguided when he first appeared in Leaving Paradise had a very important role in this one. Even Lenny who seemed like a douche from the very start contributed something. Everyone seriously had a role in making everything right and for some reason this made it all the more awesome. No annoying characters  here! I'm just really happy that they all got the ending that they deserve and that Caleb was able to start all over again. Anyway, Simone never fails to impress me and this is another two thumbs up for me She got me crying, smiling, laughing and everything. The steamy scenes between Caleb and Maggie were to die for as well. An easy 5/5 stars.


  1. Thanks SO MUCH for the review! I especially love that you changed your mind about Lenny! haha ;)

    1. I just loved everything about this book. All of the characters amazed me. None of them were annoying. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my review. :) I'm still looking for a copy of your How to ruin series.:)