Friday, March 22, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Soul Screamers Vol. 2 : My Soul to Keep • Reaper • My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers #3, 3.5, 4) by Rachel Vincent

Admittedly, I've been looking forward to reading Soul Screamers Volume 2 by Rachel Vincent for quite some time now. I've ordered this from The Book Depository last month. Unfortunately, they sent me a damaged copy so I had them re-ship my book and it finally arrived about 2 weeks ago. Anyway, this is another omnibus edition and I have to say that this cover is what got me to start the series in the first place. It's sooooooo gorgeous, right? And yes, this is a very, very thick book.

Let me start with My Soul to Keep which is the third book in the series. If you've read my previous review then you might have already gotten the idea that I am in love with Nash. So yeah, I am still but for some reason I got a bit confused with him in this installment. Maybe not enough to make me fall out of love but just a enough to let Tod squeeze in. I really liked Tod more in this novel. He was really protective towards Kaylee and for some reason I find guys who act like big brothers or something really attractive. Anyway, I don't really want to spoil this book that much but it is enough to hold my interest even if Nash did confuse me from time to time. There were certain parts that made my heart break but other than that I really enjoyed reading this.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars

Moving on to the fourth book which is My Soul to Steal. The story picks up a couple of months after the events from the previous book. Nash and Kaylee's relationship are quite complicated at this point then especially when an ex-girlfriend (Sabine) enters the picture. Admittedly, I got frustrated with Kaylee 75% of the book. I felt like she was just taking advantage of Nash and his current state. I get that Nash did something terrible. He's sorry and his trying to get better. And I get that Kaylee is disappointed right now but I felt like she had a hard time letting go and making decisions. I really wanted them to be happy and all but Kaylee can't even find it in her heart to forgive Nash. Maybe not trust. After all trust needs to be earned but I just felt like she should've been there for him when he needed her the most. I think Sabine helped Nash at some point. I did like her quite a bit even if she wasn't exactly Little Miss Perfect. I really wanted Nash and Kaylee to be back to the way they used to be but Kaylee simply irritated me. Her grudges are just too out of place for me. Don't get me wrong. I still enjoyed reading this book. Especially the parts with Tod in it. He was just soooooo charming. I still think this is an awesome book even if Kaylee annoyed me a bit.

RATING: 4.75/5 stars

Reaper is a novella told in Tod's POV.  This would have to be my favorite part of the omnibus. I really enjoyed getting to know Tod even more. This novella tells us how Tod ended up becoming a reaper. I have to say that this novella made me fall in love with Tod even more. I think his story is truly heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. His love for his family knows no bounds and I truly believe that the life he is currently living is something that he deserves. I don't want to spoil this but this is definitely my favorite part of the omnibus. I could read this again and again.

RATING: 5/5 stars

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