Saturday, March 9, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer

I finally got around to reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer yesterday. And honestly, I think the agony of waiting for this book was worth it. I have to say that I loved this book probably more than the first. Anyway, the novel is told in multiple sides but they're all in the third person POV which is probably confusing? Honestly, I'm really bad at explaining technicalities using literary jargon. I am so bad at this. Anyway, new characters were introduced while there are also some of the old faces from Cinder.

And yes, I have it in hardback. Thank you Suzanne Johnson! Anyhow, let me start with the titular character, Scarlet. She also happens to be our Red Riding Hood in the retelling. Anyhow, I liked the fact that Scarlet was written as a strong, independent and feisty character. I'm really not a fan of lame heroines so I really love the fact that she did what she wanted to do. To hell with everyone else around her. She was determined to reach her goals and at the same time she had this vulnerability that made you want to take care of her even if she is being stubborn. I really did like her and her relationship with Wolf is just so smexy for some reason. 

Then there's Wolf. A Street Fighter who happens to be a very important part of the entire story. He may seem like a thug but once you get to know Wolf I'd bet all of my books that you'd soon end  up falling for  his wolfish (Pun intended.) charms. I really loved the way he interacted with Scarlet. He had this innocence that made him so charming despite being scary and burly. He's a bit of an enigma for me and for some reason that adds up to his charms. I loved Wolf maybe more than Kai. If you've been reading my reviews then by now you should know that I'm a sucker for troublesome guys.

And of course, who could forget Cinder. Yes, she may not be the titular character this time around but her and Scarlet's lives are bound to collide at some point. I got confused with Cinder from time to time but it is in a good way I can assure you. One minute she's doing something amazing and then the  next she's going crazy or something but then she goes back to doing something amazing and I just can't help but admire her. I really felt bad though since she and Kai didn't get any alone or even any together time in this novel. I guess we'll all have to wait and see in the upcoming books. But I did love her since what she did or rather what she's about to do took and takes a lot of guts but she's doing it anyway.

And lastly, Emperor Kai. I have to be honest here. I missed Prince Kai. The  boy who did whatever the hell he wanted because he was smitten by the lowly mechanic. Yes, there are still traces of the smitten boy from time to time but the Emperor is definitely more dominant now. I feel bad for him actually. I feel like he's just too young to be taking on all of these responsibilities all on his own. I just wish he could be carefree again. I hate Queen Levana for doing everything in her power to make Kai submit to her stupid demands. I wanted to strangle her so that Kai and Cinder can finally be together. Anyway, I just hope Cinder comes back in time to save Kai  if he should ever need it.

Overall, I really loved this novel as much as the first one if not more. I didn't really feel the Middle Book Syndrome since the novel didn't drag on and on. I really liked all of the characters except for the awful Lunars on Queen Levana's side. I also liked Captain Thorne. He reminded me of Flynn Rider from Tangled. He enjoys hearing himself talk and brag about stuff and yet he didn't really annoy me at all. From time to time I think he did keep Cinder grounded. Anyway, the plot of the entire novel kept me up. It is quite long after all, 452 pages and yet I didn't feel the need to put it down. I finished this in a day. It's one of those books that you just can't help but breeze through since there were no dull moments. The pieces of Cinder's missing memories were somehow pieced together even if there were still some lacking elements but we'll probably get to that as the novels are released. I love fairytale retellings and I can definitely say that this is one of the best that I've read. Marissa Meyer is a genius and I'd give this an easy 5/5 star rating if not more.

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