Friday, January 13, 2012


A few days ago, a package arrived at my doorstep and thus I was not really surprised to see that my Iron Fey Series from The Book Depository has arrived. I was in the middle of finishing Wither by Lauren DeStefano which is why I only finished reading The Iron King by Julie Kagawa now. The story revolves around fairies. No, not the sparkly little ones who sing and dance like Tinkerbell but the hot and sexy ones who fight with swords and daggers! The main characters of the story are Meghan Chase, Ash and Puck.

First of all, I wasn’t really expecting to be engrossed in this series since I’m not really that familiar with Faeries. I am more of a vampire, gods and goddesses type of girl so yeah, this was a huge leap from my usual reads. What attracted me to this novel was the cover of The Iron Knight, which is the fourth book BTW, since the cover is Ash and Puck’s faces! Haha. Yes, I’m a sucker for cute guys and book covers so I ended up buying the entire series without even reading the plot. Lucky me, I enjoyed the first book so it wasn’t exactly a waste of money.

Anyway, the story opens up the day before Meghan’s sweet sixteen. Meghan is an ordinary girl who wears baggy and unattractive clothes since they’re not really that well off. She does not own any gadgets since they can’t really afford it. Anyway, her 4 year old half brother was kidnapped on the night of her 16th birthday thus the adventure begins. I love Meghan from the very start of the story. I think she’s a strong character. She’s not that whiny plus she definitely knows what she wants. She’s street smart and not too princess-y and I like that about her. She knows how to manipulate and bargain with people. Funny thing is her male companions (Puck and Ash) were more princess-y than her. I think Julie Kagawa wrote her character very well and I do hope that the Meghan from Book 1 will stay intact until the very end.

Then there’s Robbie a.k.a. Puck. Puck is Meghan’s best friend. He’s a red head and a jester. Little does Meghan know that Puck is not only her best friend but he’s also her faerie protector. Man, he knows how to fight and crack jokes while doing it. I like Puck. I think he is the comic relief in the story. I like the way he was written. He takes everything lightly but he’s not annoying at all.

And lastly, there’s Ash. OMG! I couldn’t finish the book fast enough because I could not help but go back to the pages he’s in. The mysterious and brooding prince of the Unseelie court. He leaves me breathless every time he appears in the book. I just love him. He’s hot. He’s sexy and he’s so dreamy. haha. I’m blabbing. I just can’t help it! I love Ash that much. I can’t wait to read The Iron Knight because of him.

I love the way this book was written. It didn’t just focus on the love story aspect of the story. I think the author did a marvelous job at incorporating the element of politics (Seelie and Unseelie Courts) in the Faerie world with the love story in it. I think that made the book appealing and not corny at all. I hate it when the focus of the story shifts from something else then to another. That usually happens when YA novels are involved. The cliffhanger in the end just wanted me to grab the next book. Bottom line is I loved this book and I can’t wait to read more about Meghan, Ash and Puck’s adventures.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Grimalkin! Aww! That cat is just sooooooo adorable. I want to squeeze him!

Rating: 5/5 stars


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