Friday, January 20, 2012


I just finished reading the last book from The Iron Fey Series: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa. This time, the story is told in Ash’s perspective. The story revolves around the adventures of Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, the Wolfman and Ariella. Yes, Ash’s first love.

Truth be told, I could not wait to read this book. The cover of this book is actually the reason why I bought the entire series in the first place. haha. Anyway, I liked this book a lot. I actually liked it more than the first three novels since it is told in Ash’s perspective.

I liked Ash even more here. He seemed more real to me as a person. His flaws and inner demons were revealed. I liked the way that this was told in his perspective since it showed me a different side of the Winter Prince. I love the way his story was written. There were parts that were just too heavy for me. I sympathized with his character even though he did a lot of terrible things in the past. Anyway, the complexities of the Unseelie Prince definitely broke my heart and made me love him even more at the same time.

Then there’s Puck. I liked his character here as well. I love his unconventional friendship with the Unseelie Prince. He stuck with him until the very end. I think he would have given his life for the prince if necessary. Anyway, I appreciated him more here since I think that what he did for Ash was very noble.

And lastly, there’s Grimalkin. I truly love this cat/ cait sith. He’s just so adorable. He’s smart and he’s probably one of the most level- headed character in the entire series. I find it adorable that he acts like he doesn’t give a shit about anyone but in the end he usually ends up saving everyone’s asses. I just love this cat.
As for the other characters, well I liked Wolfman. He was really scary at first but his sacrifice for the sake of their adventure at the end made me like him. And of course, there’s Ariella. I think adding her in the story gave the novel a nice twist. I just find her story a little sad. I don’t want to spoil it so just read the book.

Anyway, I liked this novel a lot. I liked the way it was written. The pacing of the story is very good, not too slow and not rushed. I actually like it since it is told in a male’s perspective. I don’t really know. I just enjoy reading books told in a guy’s perspective more. I really like the scenes wherein Ash, Puck, Grimalkin and Wolfman bickered with each other. And I pity Ariella for being the referee most of the time. I liked the ending as well. And as I’ve been told there would be a spin-off series and this time it would be told in Ethan’s, Meghan’s brother, perspective. I can’t wait for that one. I just want to know how Ash and Meghan end up.

Rating: 5/5 stars


  1. This was my favorite!! I liked Ash already, but I really fell in love with him in this book. New follower :)
    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads

    1. I fell in love with him even more in this book. Ash! Followed you back. :)